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Diorama Discussions

Two Tuesdays of each month, we are pleased to host a "Diorama Discussion" on the board. Because of the popularity of these discussions, we have preserved many of them here. A special thanks to DeeinNJ, Audrey (Diva Details), and special guests for their creative inspirations!

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2010 Discussions

Making a Styrofoam Sofa

Modern Interchangeable Kitchen

Making Miniature Books

2009 Discussions


Bathroom & Bedroom from Dolly Soap

Reading for Pussies: Cat Magazines for Dolls

Hospital Scene

Black & White Bathroom

Diminutive Dioramas

Bedroom Basics - Part 1, Part 2

Olde English/French Tudor Room

Master Bedroom

Bella Salon - Part 1, Part 2

Beach House

DD Takes a Holiday

2008 Discussions

A Versailles Salon - Part I
A Versailles Salon - Part II

Fashion Royalty Convention Dioramas '08

Making the Most of Small Spaces

Copy Cat Photo Contest - Announcement
Copy Cat Photo Contest - Entries & Winners

Evening Splendor

Lighting for Your Dolls

The Great Outdoors

Trash to Trend Boutique

Amanda's Formal Dining Room

One-Prop Wonders

Saucy Suwi's Boutique

The Ballroom - Part I
The Ballroom - Part II

Little Things Mean a Lot

Out of Africa

Welcome to the Haute Dollhouse - pg. 1
Welcome to the Haute Dollhouse - pg. 2

The Scoop for 2008

2007 Discussions

Lighted Christmas Tree

Open Forum: Dec. 4:
Winter & Holiday Scenes

W Cosmetics Photo Studio

Open Forum: Nov. 6:
Playline Pieces

Karen Kolkman's Winning Diorama:
The Terrace

From Jewels to Jackets:
Create A Simple But Stunning Armoire

Open Forum: Oct. 2:
Fashion Royalty Dioramas

Robin's Tea Room

Diorama on a Budget

Hollywood Boudoir

Open Forum: August 7

Go Hawaiian

Open Forum: July 12

2006 & 2005 Discussions

Boutique in a Box

Kaida KremePuff's Room

Make Your Own Hat/Wig Stands
plus FF Room Kit Modification

Into the Bedroom

Asian Flair

Using Ideas from Past Diorama Discussions

Create a Boutique Window

Flagstone / Stone Floor Template

Mirror, Mirror and Other Household Objects
Part 1
/ Part 2

Making the Most of Your Props

Make a Grand Entrance

Palatial Playline

Getting Down to Business

A Gift for Yourself

Ann in Florida's Fashion Royalty Loft

Adding Realism w/Paper

Focus on the Kenmore Kitchen

My Scene Dressing Room Playset

Make a Deco Folding Screen
& Make a Folding Screen Challenge

Tips from FR Convention

In the Garden

The Gloria Fireplace

The Room with a View

Backdrop Basics

Silkstone Vanity

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